Shea Butter Moisturing Body Treatment

Extremely rich and super hydrating body treatment for dry flaky skin. $185.00

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

Total body exfoilation using salts from the dead sea, sweet almond oil, and essential oils to acheive a detoxification and oxygenation of the skin. Perfect for skin that has peeled from a bad burn or too much sun.

Magic Honey Body Treatment

Nourishing and firming body treatment using honey, extracts of almond oil, lemon, rosemary and white musk. Wonderful for water retention. $195.00


Soy Soy Body Treatment

This treatment tightens, compacts and strengthens the skin while moisturizing and regenerating collagen production. The purity of the products and the light evocative fragrance will soothe the senses. $195.00

Olive Oil Body Treatment

Treat your body to an anti-cellulite toning and firming session as we use special massage techniques to break up toxins and underlying fat cells. There are no better anti-oxidants than the olive oil extract and fluid that we use. You'll be surprised by the beautiful light fragance. $195.00

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